a. Absolutely. Pennysmart is regulated by the Bank of Ghana and it has to comply with several laws on data protection, technology levels and security. More importantly, we have built the product ourselves and we have designed it to be secure and requires authentication on transactions. But don’t worry, this authentication often happens in the background without you even noticing it's happening. Like magic.

b. We don't share your information with anyone else, unless necessary. As an example, if the government or law enforcement agencies believed that your account is being used to conduct fraud or breaking the law, then we would have to share the account details with them.

c. While we will do everything possible to secure your account, you also need to do the same. Your account is yours only, so do not share your password or PIN number with anyone, or send money to people you are not receiving goods/services from. If you suspect that someone is controlling your account, then you should immediately inform us so we can temporarily freeze the account.

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