Pennysmart is an Inclusive Platform.

It doesn't matter if you are a director, or just started your national service, everything is designed to help you get value for your money. 

Pennysmart is Social: 

Pennysmart is not just about savings. It's about making sure that everyone live the life they deserve. That's why it’s easy to invite friends/family to the platform. Once they are on the platform, it makes it easy to save and live life together. Friends that save together are never broke. 


Pennysmart is For The Family.

Our vision is not to just make it easy for you save for tomorrow. We want to help you build wealth so you can live the life you deserve. We built Pennysmart to grow with you from when you start saving from your first salary, to your wedding, your new house, school fees for your kids till when your kids start saving for your surprise birthday party. Family means posterity, Family means future and that is why to us, you’re our family. :)

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