2019 started with securing our cooperative license, Redesigning Pennysmart and getting a shoutout from Flutterwave's year in review and last Saturday, the 26th we met our users for the first time.

We settled in at Hilla Limann on the University of Ghana campus over looking the sunset whilst Accra gracefully moved around like a melanin studded beauty being sun kissed. We waited patiently on time to briskly walk for us to begin.

Like a trickle of water into a bucket, the place filled up and we started introductions whilst the people and family of Pennysmart nibbled on mints on the cool breezy sunset.

We delved head first into the plans of Pennysmart for 2019 and why Pennysmart is giving users GHS5 to give out to their love ones to kickstart their savings habit and goals. We also spoke about how Flutterwave's Rave has eased the user experience on Pennysmart. The people of Pennysmart gave their feedback, shared ideas and address issues that came out.

We wrapped up the meet up with our people promoting their very own startups and business. This segued smoothly into a networking session where contacts were exchange and stories about Accra living shared. We left with a belly full of Abena K)k) and refreshing cool juice.

Alas, you missed out on the networks, the lessons and the Penny Shirts and other freebies given out. But guess what, we have another meet up coming up in February. Yup!! It was so fun and interactive we'll rather chat with you in person than send you an email. 

Whilst waiting for the next meet up, head to Pennysmart, create a life goal towards Kwahu Paragliding, Valentine surprise or new laptop and save towards it. When we meet again, you can tell us about your experience and how we can improve it. You can also gift your love ones with GHS5 from your dashboard so they can start their savings journey.

Lol, Okay chale, don't worry.
Here is GHS5 for you to kickstart your savings goal on Pennysmart as well. Make your first top up to redeem it.

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