We believe we have to appreciate our users and also promote them when there's need. Every month, we put a spotlight on one saver, have a chat with them about their savings culture, why Pennysmart and how the product is helping them save towards that thing that matters to them the most in life. Our savers are saving towards a plethora of goals, it's exciting getting to meet them.

Tadaaa, Meet JYF :).

What do your friends call you?

I really love all my name so I usually go by "JYF" short for Joseph Yaw Frimpong

What do you do?

I'm a writer and a software entrepreneur so I blended both to bring ReaderApp to the reading enthusiasts and writers.

How long have you been using Pennysmart?
I started saving on Pennysmart when the product was just a survey form. I'm proud of how fast the company and the product is growing.

What are you saving towards on Pennysmart?

Buying a new flat screen TV😎 (by the way, I'm selling the old one immediately I hit my goal so I can create another plan towards my vacation in Paris on Pennysmart)

How is Pennysmart helping you achieve your goals?

It helps me to save money monthly to achieve this goal (flat screen TV) and it serves as a reminder to save.

If you could change or add one thing to Pennysmart, what will it be?

Having a Pennysmart standing order feature available on the App and USSD of all Banks as well as the Mobile Money USSD options of all Telcos.

What challenges do you face that makes saving difficult?

Since I didn't have something to constantly remind me, I rarely saved

Where is your dream vacation?

Paris! City of Love

Any advice for people who want to start saving but don't know how?

Just be dedicated to saving no matter the circumstances.

If money was not a problem, what will you do?

Buy everything I need.

Anything you want to promote or plug?

Watch out for ReaderApp. ReaderApp provides a convenient way for self published authors and Publishing Houses to make available digital copies of their books to their fans and readers. Readers have the convenience of buying the book using Mobile Money, Visa or MasterCard.

It's a wrap!. You can begin to use your Pennysmart account to save towards that thing that matters to you the most. Don't forget you can start with as low as GHS20; and you can set your own target amount and the withdrawal dates.

Go to Pennysmartapp.com now to get started.

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