1 Set your Christmas goals. Make a list 

Check it twice and commit to it.

Watch sales. Compare prices and make sure the store hasn’t upped prices just to offer a 15% discount, which puts the price right back where it started.

Start early using your list and when you’ve gone through the list, stop. Don’t be tempted to buy just one more little item, because that one little item leads to another and another. Shopping early allows you to enjoy more time with family and friends during the holidays.


2.  Set a limit.

Don’t over-do it. You are likely to receive lots of invitations to parties and holiday events that may end up making you spend on clothes, host/hostess gifts, travel and other expenses — not neglecting your time. Consider each invitation and accept those that mean something to you and skip the others. Too many parties results in too much spending and too much stress. Keep it simple.

3. Use technology

If you’re trying to save money during the holidays, then leverage tools like Pennysmart to automate your savings and start saving into next year. All that money from your Uncles or money gifts are safe inside your account on Pennysmart. Why not set that extra money aside each month as part of your holiday savings and holiday savings account?

4. Think Ahead to Next Year

New Year, new goals and aspirations. These goals need to be funded so when spending during this Christmas, remember to save a little bit. Most importantly think about January and how non existent money or other resources are. So put something down this December so you have an easier life next year.

5. Entertain yourself for free

Other aspects of the holidays can also be expensive. Try to find free seasonal entertainment and activities, such as tree lighting ceremonies or holiday parades. Walking around a neighbourhood to admire its light displays is a festive holiday activity and rarely disappoints.

Other Tips

Give the same gift to everyone

Give something homemade and from the heart

Have a DIY Christmas

You can begin to use your Pennysmart account to save towards that thing that matters to you the most. Don't forget you can start with as low as GHS20; and you can set your own target amount and the withdrawal dates.

Go to Pennysmartapp.com now to get started.

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