Have you ever made any unplanned expenses which you later regretted? Or spent money on someone to get their attention? Yeah, we've all done those subtle things that eat into our finances which isn't worth it. 

Below are some of the things not worth your money;

Unplanned Discount Sales

So there's 30% off that new Fridge? You think it's a steal? We get it, 30% off looks really good and you think this shouldn't pass me by. Truly, what you are doing is spending money you didn't plan to spend. Even if it's a steal, it's just not worth it.

You are in luck because there is an easy way to manage this. Simply make a list, prioritise and stick to it.

Eating Fast Food Everyday

We know it is tasty and convenient but did you also know it is expensive? Occasionally having dinner out with friends and family is alright but eating out all the time is just killing your savings. 

Cooking at home is cheaper, healthier and more nutritious. So you can't cook? Why not team up with friends for the occasional home cooked meal (no contribution no chop) or invite that girl over and cook dinner together. 

(Avoidable) Expensive Rent
So you want your friends and haters to see you are balling and living large? Guy, at what expense? Expensive houses come with expensive cost - furnishing, utility cost and maintenance. These can quickly eat into your monthly salary or income before food.

Alternatively rent houses with friends so you can split cost, you rent cheaper and commute to work. Don't worry about the commuting time. That is time for reading your books, podcasts or sampling a new album.

To Look Cool
Your self-worth is not determined by how cool you look. We sometimes buy certain clothes, eat at certain restaurants or buy the latest gadgets so we can be called the cool kids. So what happens when that phone falls and the screen  cracks or the dress gets torn or you finish eating that meal then what? You do it again? Madness! Associating or spending money with some trust fund kids is a slippery slope. Your money would get finished but they have more where that came from.

Wanna look cool, why not go hippie? define your own unique style, buy a budget phone and focus on that thing that matters i.e. your rent, your postgraduate or that business you've been talking about since University.

Chale, we no dey attack you. Just some things you no for do. E no dey hia :)

You can begin to use your Pennysmart account to save towards that thing that matters to you the most. Don't forget you can start with as low as GHS20; and you can set your own target amount and the withdrawal dates.

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