Welbie is one of those few artist on Twitter that has established themselves from a hobbyist to a full fledged business. The Sensei of pun, illustrations and doodles gave us some wisdom on how to hack your art and make money so you can save towards that life goal on Pennysmart.

Create a Portfolio

Curate a solid portfolio of your works. Be it via social media posts, creating a website or both, always have a readily shareable portfolio of your works because prospective clients will always ask to see selected works before they hand you gigs. 

Never stop posting/sharing new content of your works. You can have a separate Instagram account for work, one which is not meddled with your lifestyle/social posts. 

Create a Self-Hosted Website

Like my website, ExcuseMyArt, this gives your works a more "professional" feel - it also acts as a better point of referral as to compared to, say, Twitter posts especially when the person you're referring your works to doesn't have a Twitter account. 

In case a self-hosted website is going to hurt your wallet, there are other great free hosting sites/blogs such as http://wordpress.com  and http://wix.com . There are various themes available for you to choose from to suit whatever aesthetic vibe you want your site to have - so get uploading!

(Ssshhh, you get to legit charge better for gigs you get through your website referrals just because..)

Commercialise Your Art With Mock-Ups

What if I told you, you don't need to necessarily have a product in hand before you can sell it. What if I say, you can sell out an idea of a product/merchandise before even stepping out of your room to have said product/merchandise made. It's possible if you've built a solid brand/reputation for your works over a time period. This however comes with a strong sense of dedication and hard work. 

Be Hands On

Say, you want to sell branded tees or even framed copies of your artwork, you'll be better off handling each stage of the production yourself. Go get the frames or whatever material you'll need yourself, have the press handle your printing - only outsource where you don't have the expertise/means to do it yourself. 

Pre - Order or Nah

It is advantageous to make merch on a pre-order basis. That way, what you produce is already meeting a ready market verses producing at bulk before garnering prospective buyers. This is usually stressful and that's where mock-ups come in. A mock-up is a digital model of what you want to produce. Search and download for a mock-up of the product, usually in a psd (Photoshop) format, then put your artwork on it. Voila, you're ready to sell. 

Okay now for some joints reveal:

Accra New Town is a haven for shirt prints in the form of screen printing, heat transfer presses and embroidery; banner, mug, pen printing; photo framing among others. 

Circle - Kokomlemle also has cool joints for digital prints. Acrillex - Osu for painting and other DIY craft materials.

After making money off your craft, you need to save towards growth of the business or rent. Pennysmart is the way to go. With just GH20, you can create 2 or 3 goals and save towards it.

Go to Pennysmartapp.com now to get started.

Credit:All photo and videos and most of the content are courtesy of Welbie, the Artist, Photographer and Writer.

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