Saving tips and hacks when you visit Ghana for holidays this December for holiday

Be Prepared to Haggle

Sometimes it might feel uncomfortable to try to negotiate the price of an item but if you want to make sure you get the best price, do not always accept the first price offered

Consider Different Travel Alternatives 

Compare the price of a taxi to that of a loading taxi if you’re not in a hurry or download a taxi app like Uber or Taxify as they may offer a cheaper alternative. If you’re feeling up to it, jump on a trotro (buses) as they offer the cheapest form of travel. Especially for longer distances or high traffic areas i.e. Accra Central / Makola market.

Bundle Your Phone Packages

Listen. If you want your phone credit / internet data to last, find the best data and voice packages such as Vodafone X or Made4Me, Surfline or Busy internet's 4G bundle and say a prayer that it lasts.

Find Cheaper Fun Things To Do

Accra has loads of different things to; some expensive, some cheap. Be open to walking around and finding alternatives i.e. compare the prices of hotel pools, there are loads of hidden cute villas / hotels with great pools and are a lot cheaper than maybe Golden Tulip or Movenpick. Same with restaurants.

Visit Places Out of Accra

The capital city is fun and buzzing but there is so much more to Ghana. Spend some time in the other cities in the other regions i.e. Takoradi, Tamale, Kumasi etc which offer different experiences and can be a lot cheaper than life in Accra.

By using these life hacks, you can save enough money to Open A Savings Goal on Pennysmart so you can save even when you're not in Ghana.

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