The first event of any kind has always been the toughest. Fears of would anyone come? if they do, will they be on time? Will all the logistics be available and a few worries wove a beautiful tapestry on our minds.

At 17:00, everything was ready and 'Sola & I were ready patiently calling everyone to confirm the attendance. At 17:40 we got a call for directions to the place and I beamed. Alas, one person is almost here. Within the span of time, the chairs we had arranged started filling with warm pleasantries going around.

The most insightful experience we've had so far with our users began with what Pennysmart is, why we built it and how we can make it easy to save towards Emergencies or life goals. We penned down the fears, expectations and feedback that would make the life of our users easy. It was our most fulfilled Saturday ever.

This supposed "Meet Up" quickly turn into a conversation with friends with laughter and ideas running around like a freed bird. Surprisingly over an hour was spent networking with newly made friends after we had closed. During which tasting snacks were begging for mercy of our entrancing conversations about life in Accra, saving tips, YC Startup School, susu and savings habits back in college.

So you missed out if you weren't there. But guess what, we have another meet up coming up soon. Yup!! It was so fun and interactive we'll rather chat with you in person than send you an email. 

Whilst waiting for the next meet up, head to Pennysmart, create a life goal towards Christmas chill, Valentine surprise or new laptop and save towards it. When we meet again, you can tell us about your experience and how we can improve it.

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